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  • Attention! You are investing outside the supervision of the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets). There is no requirement for licensing or prospectus for this activity.

Investing with an Edge!

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner for your investments? Then you’ve come to the right place at Edge Capital! At Edge Capital, gaining an edge is central to every trading decision we make. Unlike other investment firms that rely on fundamental and technical analysis for predictions, we rely on facts.

Our unique (dynamic) approach enables us to invest using arbitrage methods or delta-neutral strategies. This allows us to react to developments that are certain to occur, thus achieving above-average returns with an acceptable level of risk.

Whether you’re an institutional investor or an individual, we offer a suitable professional product for every investor starting from €10. With Edge Capital, you invest with confidence and an edge in the market. Discover today what we can do for you!

Investing in 2024!

At Edge Capital, we believe in a different approach to investing. We do not let ourselves be guided by fundamental or technical analyses, which often lead to inaccurate predictions. It is widely known that 4 out of 5 traditional investment funds lag behind the index they seek to outperform in the long term. Instead of traditional methods, we employ our quantitative trading systems using predetermined parameters, such as interest rates and option premiums. We mitigate risks by hedging all positions.

We apply our strategies across various markets, such as the options and futures markets. At Edge Capital, we offer a range of products to cater to both large and small investors, allowing them to benefit from our strategies. Our products are characterized by different risk-return profiles, better aligning with your specific needs as an investor.

We are confident that our approach to investing gives you an edge in the market. Discover how we can help you achieve your investment goals and learn more on our website.

Why Edge Capital?

Our company has been established with investments from dozens of investors through issued bonds, which greatly motivates us to make the company a success. We can only achieve this by performing for you!

We believe that investing through us gives you an edge! But what sets Edge Capital apart from other investment firms? Below are our promises to you as an investor.

  • Professional and Exclusive

    At Edge Capital, you gain access to professional investment strategies that are typically only available to institutional investors. Our methods of arbitrage and delta-neutral investing require not only craftsmanship and precision but also the right technology. We offer you this exclusive opportunity to invest with an edge.

  • Stable and Profitable

    Our stability is based on our market-neutral approach in all our investment products. While there are moments of volatility, our well-tuned algorithms prevent us from falling below the bottom line. We aim for above-average returns with an acceptable level of risk. In short, we offer stability and steady growth of your investments with an acceptable risk.

  • Reliability First

    When it comes to managing your money, the reliability of the company is paramount. That’s why we establish concrete agreements with you and stick to them. To keep our approach sharp, we work with external advisors who regularly scrutinize our agreements and methods, helping us avoid tunnel vision. This way, we keep our promises sharp and realistic and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

  • Personal and Accessible

    Edge Capital is a company with a small team of specialists. We place great value on a personal relationship with our clients, and we genuinely want to know our clients. At Edge Capital, you’re not just a number but a partner in the investment process.

    Schedule an Online Presentation?

    Starting a new investment is a significant step! Before you make that decision, it’s important to get well-informed. Through an online presentation (duration: approximately 30 minutes), we provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of our organization and products.

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